Does the world of the unexplained fascinate you?

Would you like to explore further, to know more?

Do you want to open up to the possibility that there is more to our universe than what is seen, touched and heard?

This quiz will let you discover where you lie on the psychic spectrum and give you some ideas on where your psychic journey will lead you next.

The Questions

1. Do you know who is on the other end of the phone when it rings?

a)           I am able to sense who is on the phone before I answer the call, which I find very disconcerting and I am not sure what to make of it though I don’t tend to delve deeper

b)           I sometimes know they are going to call before the phone begins to ring and it is lovely confirmation when I find I am right

c)           Yes, all the time, usually I have been thinking of them during the few days before they call.

d)           No this usually only happens when I am expecting someone to call

e)           Yes! Their name totally popped into my head but I dismissed it and then the phone rang, wow!

2. Do you ever experience a strong feeling or atmosphere in a place or building?

a)           Some places just make me feel a little uncomfortable but I shake it off pretty quickly

b)          I have a sense or feeling that there is something more to the atmosphere, which I feel needs deeper exploration and possibly research

c)           I can definitely sense the energy of a place strongly when I am there and I pick up energies and details of those who lived there and other spirits around

d)           I don’t really pay any attention to atmospheres

e)        I thought I might have felt something but it was gone so fast that I didn’t pay it any attention

3. Have you ever been aware or seen someone else’s presence or heard a voice, when to all intents and purposes you were alone?

a)           Every now and again from the corner of my eye, I catch a glimpse of something but I am afraid to look further in case its evil or something

b)           I sometimes hear things or see something and I know there is something there and I really want to find out what it is

c)           All the time, spirit is constantly with me, giving me messages, guidance and love

d)           No not really

e)           I guess, but I dismiss it as my over active imagination

4. Have you ever dream’t something was about to happen before the event takes place?

a)           I sometimes dream of things, but the dreams scare me so I try to forget about them

b)           I occasionally have a dream and am interested in their translation, so I keep a dream diary to try to find out their meanings

c)           Yes, I have had an experience of this, which was accurate and acted upon it

d)           I don’t dream

e)           I occasionally dream but most of it is about what I watched or did that day, when I remember my dreams in the first place

5. Do you think people have an aura or energy field around them?

a)           Occasionally I have seen something shimmering around someone, but that’s just weird and makes me feel very uncomfortable

b)           I can see an energy field or aura sometimes as colours around a person when I close my eyes but not with my eyes open

c)           Totally, I see auras and energy fields all the time, around both people, animals and nature

d)           What is an aura or energy field

e)           I guess, sometimes, but it could just be the light

6. Does electrical equipment in your household turn on and off on its own, or do your lights sometimes flicker for no reason?

a)           Yes, it creeps me out and makes me very scared when I am on my own at night

b)           Oh yes I am really curious about this, especially as I can see no one doing it and would love to meet the ones making it happen

c)           Yes all the time, I see it as confirmation from spirit that I am on the right track

d)           No I just ignore those things

e)           Nah, everything clicks every now and again, its just the house settling

7. As a Child, did you ever have an imaginary friend?

a)           I thought, maybe, no that’s just scary, why would you want to remember that

b)           I always thought there were fairies at the bottom of the garden and loved to go playing there

c)           Yes we would share secrets and play together all the time

d)           No, that is not something that happened to me

e)           Maybe, I was too young to remember

8. When asked to write an imaginative story, have you ever felt…

a)           That someone else is writing for you but you got scared and immediately stopped writing

b)           That sometimes it’s as though the story writes itself and your ideas seem to come from thin air.

c)           That someone else has taken over the pen and is writing it for you so that you don’t even know what you are writing until afterwards and you know that spirit has taken over the writing for you

d)           I have never had that experience so can’t comment

e)           That’s not possible, surely you are always in control

9. If asked to be a fortune teller at a fair, would you expect to…

a)           Be a little nervous just in case any of the statements you made came true

b)           Have a degree of success in predicting the future of some people

c)         Confidently give people your readings, full of good insights and guidance for them to follow on their journey through life, knowing that what you have given them comes directly from the psychic energies and spirit

d)           Have a good laugh at the people who believe in this stuff

e)           Its fun to get a reading, but surely its all just made up so why would I give one

10. Have you ever felt that you are not really in your body anymore, that you have floated away and can observe yourself from a distant point?

a)           Once I felt myself beginning to go off but got scared and have never tried again

b)           This has happened but only when I haven’t been aware of what is happening and I don’t really remember it

c)           Yes, This has happened to me before and I was aware of myself as being external from my body

d)           No, isn’t that just people who die that happens to

e)           Perhaps, maybe, I’m not really sure

The Answers

If you scored mainly (a) then you are very sensitive to energies and to the world of the psychic, though because you don’t understand these energies this causes you to be nervous and scared of them.  There is nothing to fear as nothing can harm you if you come from a place of love & highest good and let yourself begin to imagine what you could see and do if you let these energies into your life today.

If you scored mainly (b) then you are a seeker and come from a place of curiosity.  A curiosity to explore and learn about these unseen energies.  You have had some experiences but have not been able to fully understand them and are constantly looking for answers.  You are psychic and with more experience will be able to use your gifts for the good of all.

If you scored mainly (c) then you are psychic and more that likely are already aware of this.  You have probably been open to energies most of your life and possibly are already helping others with your gifts.

If you scored mainly (d) then you are very skeptical about anything that society does not consider the normal.  Anything unusual happens to you and you dismiss it or try to rationalise it and give it a scientific explanation.  The fact is you are psychic whether this is something you want to admit or not and although the energies of the unseen and spirit around us can not be measured, opening up can help you to understand them more.

If you scored mainly (e) then you are open but indecisive about what you are noticing, seeing, feeling etc… You have a psychic experience and then dismiss it because it didn’t feel real or you were just imagining it.  I am here to let you know that it is real and you are connected to these energies in a very real way.


Do you want to know more then send me your questions on the contact from below, or leave me a comment and I will get back to you.

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