Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice – A Celebration of Light

Where: Alison SpiritWeaver, North Wootton nr Glastonbury

When: Sunday 19th June 2022 at 4pm

I have always felt in close relationship to our Mother Earth, working with her, honouring her and keeping in right relationship with her during ceremony, healing and in everyday life, and now I find myself opening up to explore this relationship even more deeply.


I invite you to join me, meeting in ceremony, both indoors and outdoors, setting up sacred space and honouring the earth as we journey on our sacred pathway.

Welcome to Summer!

Come celebrate the longest day of the solar year, the sun at its full strength and the land at it’s most fertile.

Dance through the corn fields and commune with the roses.  Feel the heat on your skin and embrace the fertility of the season, honouring the earth as our veggies begin to ripen and some early fruits appear.

This is a time to celebrate others, coming together for BBQ’s and gatherings.  Foraging and walks with friends and just enjoying the outdoors.

June was considered by some to be the luckiest month to be married in, and is the time of the mead moon, or honey moon. A tradition was for newly weds to drink mead daily for a month after their wedding, hence the post wedding holiday being named the honeymoon.

This is a time of beauty, love, strength, energy, rejoicing in the warmth of the sun, and the promise of the fruitfulness to come.

The Battle of the Oak and Holly King

We celebrate life, and the triumph of light, but acknowledge death as the wheel turns, and the power of the Dark Lord which now begins to grow stronger.

At this time of year, games are held involving physical strength and high energy, including tug of war. These games often are symbolic of the constant fight between the light and dark lords / Oak and Holly King. 

The Oak King has fought the Holly King and won, and the Summer Solstice is his victory celebration. Defeating the powers of darkness, the Lord of Light is triumphant which ensures ongoing fertility in the land.

However with this fertility he also sows the seed of his own death and as the wheel turns the Holly King grows stronger once more as the light wanes and the days shorten once more.

Mythology and Legend

Also known Couples Day, and Saint John’s Day. This is the time of year when the sun reaches its highest apex, at the Tropic of Cancer.

Midsummer marks the actual middle of the Celtic summer, falling between Beltane and Lugnasadh.  Midsummer is known also as a night of magic, made famous by William Shakespeare with his play Midsummer’s Nights Dream, showing the story of the fairy returning to their Summer Court on Earth.

June in Europe and America is historically the busiest month for weddings, hence – All Couples Day.  This tradition begins because this time of the year was a time of rest for the Ancient Celts, the time between planting and harvesting. This is best described in an English child’s nursery rhyme.

“…marry in the month of May, most surely you will rue the day.
Marry in June when roses grow, And happiness you’ll always know…”

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