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An Invitation to Ceremony & Celebration

Ceremonies and Gatherings to Inspire and Celebrate

I invite you to join me in celebrating the turning of the seasons, mother nature in all her glory, the earths journey and what that means for us all.

I am a lover of all things natural from the animals and plants to the spirits that live amongst and in them, and you will often find me healing, meditating, enjoying and working in the garden or walking with my dog in the fields and hills around my home… I want to share the peace and joy I find from these pastimes with you within these offerings.

All these gatherings and ceremonies involve journeying, hugging and loving all expressions of nature and energy around us… These will be a meeting of minds and hearts and love for the Mother Earth and will included music, drumming, sound, healing, sharing, magick, movement, dancing and much more…

My Invitation to You

If you are drawn to join me for any of these gatherings and ceremonies then I would love to hear from you.

All of these offerings are FREE and given to you in the love and joy that they each inspire in me… all you need to do is be yourself and honour and love the Mother Earth throughout our times together and your welcome is assured.

Interested and want to know more… get in touch by emailing or call/text me on 07952 041477

Ceremonies and Gatherings coming up…



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