Are you in-love with you or are you living and giving all your love to others and not really taking much notice of you?

Rumi said that “All the particles of the world are in love”, we are made up of love and we are made up of fear and one cannot exist without the other, as they are the chaos and order of the universe, and as humans we are uniquely blessed with a balance within ourselves of both – the shadow and the light, for to know one is to truly know the other.

In this weeks video I take you through a heart opening exercise to fully awaken love within you so that you can experience calm, peace and love in your life.

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Are you struggling from a place fear and want love to become a greater part of your life so that you can fully experience peace and calm?

Love is available to us all and I would love to hear your experiences of learning to love yourself, how you have dealt with your fear issues and where you journey is taking you from here.

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