Do you have a beautiful crystal in your home?

Does it sit on a shelf and look pretty?

It doesn’t matter the size, shape, contour or colour, it was a stone of beauty that drew you in when you brought it and now it sits adorning your window ledge or shelf brighting up your surroundings.

Though is that really all its doing? Looking pretty! No, it is working hard behind the scenes to create emotional peace, balance and healing in your home.

Crystals are clever creatures – they come from deep inside our Mother Earth, dug from her pores and crevices, grown over millions of years, living within the vibrating heart beat of the planet we live on.  This gives them their own heartbeat or vibration and their own individual spirit and no matter how much they are cut and polished, how large or small, or even whether they are raw or tumbled, this spirit and vibration remains constant within them.

Powerful healing

So you have a crystal (or more) in your home and I would challenge you to find out more…

Pick up your crystal and hold it in the palm of your hand (if very big then just lay your hands on it), close your eyes and feel, just feel.

Let go of misconceptions and allow the gentle vibrations seep into your body from the crystal.  What impressions are you getting – is it warm, cold, calming, energetic, gentle, moving.

Now open your eyes and look at the crystal – what impressions do you get now, what does the colour say to you? what does the gentle spirit of the crystal whisper to you? if the crystal is clear then are there shapes within it that speak to you?

Knowing your journey

You have now begun your journey with your chosen crystal. Yes! you chose it, though actually it chose you!

When you went to that market or shop and were drawn in to looking at crystals you were inexplicably drawn to touch/pick-up one and it pulled you to it to begin your conversation and so you took it home with you.  I know myself, going into a shop selling crystals is like going into a candy store with all my favourite goodies, its very hard to resist buying and I have taken many crystal spirits home with me because of this.

Remember this is not a new age thing, communicating with crystals, but a way of working with the earth that has been around for millennia, in fact, as long as crystals have been forming in the earth.  Humans have been using crystals for almost as long in ritual, ceremony and as an aid to create healing both physical and emotional.

Listen to their message

I have listed some of the more well known crystals you will find and their (more well known) meanings for you to begin your journey, however you will find out the most from a crystal by just listening.

Agate                     – Acceptance
Amethyst               – Mental Clarity
Carnelian               – Grounding
Citrine                   – Attraction
Diamond                – Drawing Out
Emerald                 – Patience
Garnet                   – Self Esteem
Jade                      – Longevity
Lapis Lazuli            – Healing
Peridot                  – Healing Hurts & Fears
Rose Quartz           – Love
Ruby                     – Balancing
Sapphire                – Inner Peace
Topaz                    – Joy

These are just some of the beautiful crystal spirits I have had the joy to work with and I love to share this joy with all of you!

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