I’ve been noticing lately just how busy everyone seems to be, including me.  The diary is choccas and having the spare time to just sit in peaceful meditation is something that is not so easy to find at present.  It just seems like life has hit the fast lane and your clinging on for dear life, trying to not let it all overwhelm and swallow you up. 

Being busy can be fun, it can also be stressful and overwhelming, so how do we deal with being busy so that it remains fun and exciting?

In this weeks video I offer you 3 tools to help you through the busy parts of your life.  3 tools that don’t take time out of your busy schedual and give you some of the much needed relaxation to help you continue to enjoy begin busy.

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How do you stay calm and relaxed when your busy schedual keeps you moving all day? Is there some tool or meditation you use that might help others deal with their day a little better?  How do you stop the busy from becoming overwhelming?

I would love to hear from you and understand more about what makes you tick.

Have your say below in the comment box.

Booking Closes for the ‘Learn About Herbs’ Workshop in 10 Days

If you would like to learn about the natural pharmacy in your local area, please let us be your guides!

Sorrell Robbins, Medical Herbalist and your hostess, Alison Spiritweaver (that’s me) want to take you on an inspirational journey as Sorrell explains the history, medicinal properties and healing powers of the herbs in our parks, pathways and hedgerows. 

You will never view the greenery around you in the same way again – from dandelions to st.john’s wort, nettles to nipple wort – we have found them all in the green networks around London.

To book your place just click this link.

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