Hi there, I’m Alison SpiritWeaver and I’d like to welcome you here as we connect and you take another step on your spiritual journey.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Every workshop, every initiation, every blog, and every healing session you choose to experience as you are guided through the pages of this website, will open you up to the wisdom of the Spirit, re-connect you to Mother Earth, allow you to experience deep soul healing and open you to the freedom, nurture and fun of the Plant Spirits and Faye, taking you on a journey of self-discovery and joy.

I would like to help you transform your life by aligning with your own intuition, finding that deep connection to the spirit realms and to the spirits of nature all around us, by honouring and celebrating all aspects of reality through shamanic journey, meditation, trance and movement, sound and colour, energy healing, crystals, earth walking and plant spirit ceremony.

IT’S YOUR JOURNEY..! So take control, all you need to do is take that first step, have a look around, see what is calling to you – then – it’s just a click of a button away 🙂

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It really is that simple and it really is that personal because it’s all you – you are the main attraction – whether it is your journey with spirit, a deep need to heal yourself and your life, a want to re-connect with nature and Mother Earth, a curiosity to find out more about energy and how it shapes and flows in your life, or just a knowing that this is your next step that will make everything seem clearer and easier.

Here is what Bhavna in South London had to say about working with me…

“I have completed a combination of workshops with you – the first being the psychic development one, then with you I deepened my knowledge with working with crystals, from there I came to shamanic circles and then did the Munay Ki with you. 

During all of these I felt safe and supported and you delivered from your heart unconditionally. You created a very safe and nurturing environment for all the work we have done together. 

For me the biggest development was the channeling and reading card skills.  Having never channeled consciously before I had difficulty with the verbal expression and almost gave up on it.  Instead, we returned to me channeling a short while later and I was guided gently through it to allow me to do it successfully.  This has been incredible as it deepened my intuition and allowed me to follow my own inner guidance. 

As a healer and teacher being able to connect and work intuitively for the delivery of a workshop / training / healing really enhances the way I deliver.  I would say its the core skill I still use today as support, in life, not just the healing and energy transformation work but daily life experiences.  Today I still use cards with people as it helps them to relax as you do the reading.  I am now thinking of creating a course that develops the intuition.

Thank You for all you have guided me with.  I truly appreciate it from my heart.”

I am not here to judge, censor or command you, I am here to guide, encourage and nurture you on your path, support you on your journey, and walk beside you through your healing and I love seeing your lives become easier, flow more gently, become more exciting and fill with new adventures and challenges, all of which bring me great joy.

Rufus - The Irish SetterI love the life I live! Filled with the love of friends and family and especially my dog, Rufus, the Irish setter (you’ll meet him when you meet me). I get great joy from my work with learning disabilities in London, offering them aromatherapy and massage to help ease and relax them in everyday life.  When I’m in Glastonbury (if I’m not healing or teaching) you will find me either walking with Rufus, buried nose deep in a good-ish book, dancing in line to some country music or buried knee deep in my herbs, flowers and gnomes in the back garden.

So if you feel that what I offer you here is for you, then connect with me and start your new adventure by taking your next step forward today!

It’s lovely to see you here and I hope to meet you soon.

Many blessings
Alison xx