Hi there, I’m Alison SpiritWeaver – Creator of Shamanic Spirit – and I want to welcome you to my website

Fun Alison Every course, every circle, every blog, and every healing journey you experience and choose to take as you are guided through the pages of this website, will open you up to the wisdom of the Angels, Ascended Masters and Spirit, and will connect and open you to the freedom, nurture and fun of the Nature Spirits and Faye, taking you on a journey of self-discovery to spark deep soul healing within you.

Here you will find a sanctuary where you can open to Spirit, grow in self-awareness and self-confidence, and begin to bring yourself back to wholeness through deep soul healing .

If you want to transform your life by aligning with your own intuition, find that deep connection to the spirit realms and to the spirits of nature all around us, by honouring and celebrating all aspects of reality by deeply healing your soul and spirit, then you are definitely in the right place and it’s a pleasure to meet you.

What is Spirit Telling You?

Ever wondered why you sometimes feel guided in certain directions but you aren’t sure where the guidance has come from or the clarity of the message is not quite clear enough?

One of the hardest things about having a strong connection to spirit is that many around you don’t really get it and in fact some people look at you as if you’re just plain weird.  There’s no one to talk to about your connection and you feel lost as to where to turn next. 

Are you guided to seek healing and get answers, possilby seeking an new overview or outlook? All you need do is reach out and help will be given, you need look no further we can work this out together.

Is Spirit guiding you to seek answers, have they guided you here?

Transformation is Just a Click Away

Here you will find those connections you are seeking that can deeply heal your soul and give you the connection to Spirit and the nature realms you have always wanted. 

A place where the magic within you can thrive, where you can delight in the metaphysical energies all around you and embrace the secrets locked within your soul, so you can awaken to your souls path.

Let me take you on a journey to discover your hidden depths, awaken deep spirit connections within you, and bring about that transformation in your life you have been longing for.

It’s important that you have the freedom to explore your own journey of re-connection and it’s important that you find the right tools, meditations, healing and energies to make this journey an easy and wonderful experience!

It’s all here at your fingertips so have a browse and if you have a question just ‘get in touch’ and ask away

Great to see you here

Many blessings
Alison xx