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Hello and welcome!

I invite you to have a look around.  Let the energies guide your hand and mouse land where you are most drawn.

Whilst you are here, why not get curious and check out my donation only offerings, circles and ceremonies, which are all offered in a space of love and honouring the divine within us all

Walking with Spirit Guides – Tea Circle
Mugwort Plant Spirit Ceremony
Blue Lotus Tea Ceremony
Inca Fire Ceremony

If you are feeling lost or dis-connected, you could try asking your spirit guides for help and guidance with a Reading from Spirit.

Become connected with the healing energies and allow the loving and powerful energy of Reiki to flow through you – making sure you choose the energy that suits you best.

Explore your shamanic journey further by experiencing the ancient Incan Rites of the Munay-Ki.

Face your challenges, strengthen your foundations and reach out for support and healing on your journey by having a shamanic healing session.

Create tranquility and harmony in your home by working with the energies and spirit to clear old energies and entities from your home and invite newer, brighter energies in.

For more inspiring ideas to keep your life simple and flowing with ease then check out my Blog.

Every workshop, every initiation, every blog, every community gathering and every healing, spirit reading or teaching session you choose to experience as you are guided through the pages of this website, will open you up to the wisdom of the Spirit, re-connect you to Mother Earth, allow you to experience deep soul healing and open you to the freedom, nurture and fun of the Plant, Animal and Faye Spirits, taking you on a journey of self-discovery and joy.

I invite you to transform your life by aligning with your own intuition, finding that deep connection to the spirit realms and to the spirits in nature all around us, by honouring and celebrating all aspects of reality through shamanic journey, meditation, trance, dance and movement, sound and colour, energy healing, crystals, loving touch, shamanic earth walking, ritual and ceremony.

I am not here to judge, censor or command you, I am here to guide, encourage and nurture you on your path, support you on your journey, and walk beside you through your healing and I love seeing your lives become easier, flow more gently, become more exciting and fill with new adventures and challenges, all of which bring me great joy.

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